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This page is devoted to the most important wealth of our portal. These are our users, for whom our Internet resource was created. It is for us readers can find any books in the audio version and then download them in the shortest possible time and completely safe for their PC. This page presents the names of all users of our site, interested in audio literature of various genres. All of them, regardless of the genre of their favorite works, can leave comments with their opinion about the content of a particular book, the quality of the file, the features of the scoring and many other parameters. In other words, every portal user can write what, in his opinion, will be important for other lovers of literature. In particular - for beginners, for which feedback and opinions of experienced listeners of audiobooks are extremely important when choosing a book for listening. This is especially important when it comes to teaching and scientific cognitive literature.

Reader Keara Price Price, who lives at Thoti, Karnataka, India

2014-12-23 kearaprice of Thoti, Karnataka, India

Reader Adele Thiel Thiel, who lives at Kara, Togo

2012-02-29 adelethiel of Kara, Togo

Reader Elisa Quirin Quirin, who lives at Darıpınar/Malatya, Turkey

2012-04-25 elisaquirin of Darıpınar/Malatya, Turkey

Reader John Gagliano Gagliano, who lives at Phagalwa, Rajasthan , India

2013-04-02 johngagliano of Phagalwa, Rajasthan , India

Reader Fernanda Hartmann Hartmann, who lives at Tihuda, Odisha , India

2014-05-29 hartmannfeer of Tihuda, Odisha , India

Reader Rawww , who lives at Sher Garh, Pakistan

2010-02-15 rawww of Sher Garh, Pakistan

Reader Joanne Austin Austin, who lives at Khao Khlung, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi, Thailand

2017-09-17 joanneaustinmua of Khao Khlung, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi, Thailand

Reader Emilly Jane Mann Jane Mann, who lives at Zeijerveen, Netherlands

2015-09-21 ejcostume of Zeijerveen, Netherlands

Reader James Zonko Zonko, who lives at Thung Krabam, Lao Khwan District, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

2013-12-05 lemonlinedesign of Thung Krabam, Lao Khwan District, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Reader Charlotte Cullen Cullen, who lives at Ushakovo, Tverskaya oblast', Russia

2017-09-08 charlotte-cullen of Ushakovo, Tverskaya oblast', Russia

Reader Daniele Girardi Girardi, who lives at Ignol, France

2019-03-20 danielegirardi of Ignol, France

Reader Mishaal Shetty Shetty, who lives at Sopot, Bulgaria

2018-08-04 mishaal of Sopot, Bulgaria

Reader Hollywood Baby Photo Studio Baby Photo Studio, who lives at Stantsionnyj , Kazakhstan

2015-10-26 hollywoodbaby of Stantsionnyj , Kazakhstan

Reader Connie Y Y, who lives at Wapno, Poland

2017-09-17 connieychan of Wapno, Poland

Reader Martin Blouin Blouin, who lives at Sims, NC , USA

2017-01-28 martin_blouin of Sims, NC , USA

Reader Hali Meyer Meyer, who lives at Umol, Croatia

2016-09-11 haliray of Umol, Croatia

Reader Nichole Goodwin Goodwin, who lives at Lomachyntsi, Chernivets'ka oblast, Ukraine

2017-04-07 nagoodwin of Lomachyntsi, Chernivets'ka oblast, Ukraine

Reader Mackenzie Anderson Anderson, who lives at Kuthiraan, Kerala, India

2011-04-07 kenziestudios of Kuthiraan, Kerala, India

Reader Jamie Page Page, who lives at Stara Góra, Poland

2016-06-15 jamiepage of Stara Góra, Poland

Reader Hannah Wilson Wilson, who lives at Imperial District, Peru

2014-12-25 hannahruthwilson of Imperial District, Peru

Reader Laura Sauvage Sauvage, who lives at Warren Park, IN , USA

2015-05-15 laurasauvage of Warren Park, IN , USA

Reader Krista Norris Norris, who lives at Aujan, Punjab , India

2012-10-30 kristanorris of Aujan, Punjab , India

Reader Solenne David David, who lives at Nimruz, Afghanistan

2012-02-22 solennedn of Nimruz, Afghanistan

Reader Stacey Figueroa Figueroa, who lives at Копа, Kazakhstan

2012-03-18 staceyfigueroa of Копа, Kazakhstan

Reader Ersin Emiroglu Emiroglu, who lives at Maklua Kao, Sung Noen District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

2016-11-15 ersinemiroglu of Maklua Kao, Sung Noen District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Reader Stefanny Porras Porras, who lives at Carroll, MB , Canada

2010-05-08 stefannypodd13 of Carroll, MB , Canada

Reader Miguel Palomares Palomares, who lives at Koyluca/Bitlis, Turkey

2014-10-26 mpalomares915c of Koyluca/Bitlis, Turkey

Reader Carlos Costa Costa, who lives at Demidovo, Ryazanskaya oblast', Russia

2018-08-28 carloscost1f10 of Demidovo, Ryazanskaya oblast', Russia

Reader Shirin Rajabova Rajabova, who lives at Pınarköy/Isparta, Turkey

2013-12-28 goldashiri57cc of Pınarköy/Isparta, Turkey

Reader Aung Lay Lay, who lives at Cârjelari, Romania

2015-01-25 hakttn8fdc of Cârjelari, Romania

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