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World writers make a huge contribution to world literature. Classical works that appeared from the pen 100, 200 or more years ago and today are translated into many languages of the world. Poems, plays, novels of world authors are studied in schools and universities. Receive recognition of book lovers and critics and works of contemporaries. Many of them were written scripts for fascinating films and performances. But no, the best film can not fully convey the incredibly fascinating world of works. Therefore, most web users prefer not to watch movies, but read on english the language of the work as long ago already become the classics of authors, and young prose writers and poets. We offer for fans of literature to listen or download audiobooks english authors.


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Modern life is life at speed: a person is in a hurry to make it all in order to achieve results in his business and have time to make all the houses. Accordingly, there is no time for reading books, that's why audio versions are in demand, their popularity is steadily increasing: more and more users come to our portal to download through torrent favorite works or novelties of modern authors. In the audio library of our site is presented in good quality a wide range of literature, ranging from english authors, ending with world writers. Literature on english language is represented in all sorts of genres: historical and romance novels, mysticism, fantasy, fantasy, adventure and many other topics. Any work can be downloaded completely free of charge and without SMS registration, and then listen at any time to get an unreal pleasure from traveling through other worlds and epochs, to learn the life of the heroes, their secrets, dreams, desires. After all, every work created by the author is a special world, living by its own laws. Sometimes these laws are needed by man, like him, fit, that's why everyone, to return to such a delectable and dear heart to the environment, likes to listen to audiobooks that they like more than once. Download the desired files with audiobooks can be on any portable gadget that supports the desired functions and playback formats, or on a PC. Help all to make the correct prompts in the menu. For downloading it takes a little time, and in a few minutes you will be able to start listening to the work you liked or interested.