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Working with our portal does not contain any difficulties, but, nevertheless, there are cases when the user has questions, answers to which he could not find. Most often, this happens with newcomers who are just starting to use the worldwide network, and little is known about the specifics of this process. To help understand all, a special section of questions on the work of the forum and tracker was created. It assembles the main questions that almost all beginners ask. But there are cases when the question is submitted from a specific user, to which there is no answer. In this case, the user can directly contact the moderator through the contact page and get an answer to his question. Most of all ask consumers questions related to the problem with the speed of downloading or uploading files, setting antiviruses, components to the computer, in particular, with their choice and configuration. A lot of questions arise for beginners who are interested in audio files, in the case when they want to take part in the distribution of their books in audio format. Although in the audiobook section there is a topic that describes all the features of handing out the hands, sometimes there are questions that are not mentioned in the rules. To understand all the subtleties of design and help moderators through the page of contacts. Of course, you can apply to the moderators only after registering on our portal, that's why newcomers (and not only) we recommend registering. Sometimes the following can happen: downloaded books can not be listened to because their chapters sound in random order. This situation most often occurs when using non-android, and hardware players, which do not have such an option as sorting files. What can the moderator advise in this case, if the user's player does not sort the files? Do this manually - arrange the files in the folder in the desired order. Sometimes even experienced consumers do not even know about this function. Among the most frequently asked questions are those related to programs with which you can raise or lower the volume, cut or glue audio files, eliminate noise, etc. This usually excites those who, from a simple user, wanted to become the creator of audiobooks and take part in one of our programs as a reader or sound engineer.