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Our book - an Internet resource on which the exchange of files between users is carried out. The number of participants involved in uploading or downloading files is unlimited. To be able to transfer data, they are split by the program into fragments. All information about this contains a small torrent file. To work with torrents, the user installs a special program on his PC. The torrent client itself searches for all the participants who download and download files, and also connect to the tracker - the remote server. The tracker automatically coordinates the whole process. Neither the tracker nor the server stores the file names or the files themselves, so it is possible to perform illegal actions. Which ones - about this further. Torrent technology is a legitimate way to exchange files, but very often users in the distribution of ignorance or deliberately violate copyright: put in the distribution of audiobooks (or other files) protected by law. This means that the author banned the distribution of his book, including the audio version through the worldwide network. Accordingly, spreading the author's product into distribution, the consumer automatically becomes the violator of the law. Is it possible that along with him becomes the violator and the one who downloads the file and portal through which this action is forbidden in this way is downloaded? Than it threatens all participants? No, not all participants face punishment. The portal is not responsible for the actions of those participants who violate copyright: every day a huge number of new torrents are laid out on the site. We can not keep track of all of them, but if the distribution is banned, it will be immediately deleted. If you also see the distribution of a file that violates copyrights, please immediately inform us. Moreover, a consumer who distributes banned files or data that is forensically or legislatively restricted in any country will be taken into account and, with further attempts to distribute audiotracked audio books or any other programs, will be blocked. Can be punished and those who downloaded the program: downloading torrents is not anonymous, respectively, you can make identification of any user by IP address, tracing its traffic. So is it worth breaking the law? Therefore, in order not to enter into the number of violators by ignorance, it is best to search Google for downloading any file, whether its distribution is illegal.