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Despite the fact that today the best kind of recreation is considered watching movies, there are a lot of those who love and appreciate fiction. But, unfortunately, the constant employment of work and family does not give the opportunity to allocate time for reading even on weekends. To the aid came books in audio format. Our portal has a huge library of audiobooks and audio performances. There are works of Russian authors and representatives of foreign literature. Modern and classic audiobooks can be listened to online or downloaded to your computer, phone, and then transferred to another medium - a flash drive or a disk.


Incredibly huge collection of audiobooks divided into categories and genres, listen to audiobooks online at Smart Books.

The easiest way to find a book is by its name. To do this, in the search box you just need to type the name of the interesting work. The opened page will contain all the information about the book - the author's name, abstract, comments and comments of those who have already managed to download through the torrent and read this work. On the same page you can leave your opinion about the book, advice to those who have not read it, etc. Transfer an audio file to your computer for free without SMS registration and need only a few minutes. Our administrators also took care of those who are looking for literature of the genre of interest - for this all audio files are broken down by genre. In the world of fascinating stories attracts adventure literature, mysterious intricate stories suggest to unravel together with the heroes of books the authors of detectives. To leave the limits of your native planet and rush into other, unknown hitherto worlds with their incomprehensible to a person full of dangers life can be while listening to science fiction books. Myths and comedic works, melodramas, historical literature - this is not all that can be downloaded or audited in good quality on the pages of our portal. For kids you can download fairy tales, riddles, poems. While children will listen to their favorite fairy tales or poems on english language, mothers can rest a little or do their own business. In addition to art works on our portal there is a literature of scientific and educational and educational topics. Their audition can help high school students and students in their studies and in preparation for the exams. It will not be superfluous for scientific-cognitive audiobooks and those who are engaged in self-development, like to learn something new and interesting.