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Audiobooks allow you to enjoy the special world of works, their exciting storyline and do not waste precious time, which is always lacking, for reading. Moreover, in order to read, you need proper lighting and conditions, where nothing is distracting. You can, of course, read in the subway, taxi, bus, but the cramped and surrounding situation is unlikely to allow you to enjoy the events that the book narrates about. But the audio version is a completely different possibility: you can listen to works, for example, before going to bed, turning off the light in the room. That's why audiobooks are becoming more popular among fans of the artistic word: it's convenient to listen to, you can quickly find and download.

Why Beta Testing Before Your Product Release is Crucial

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The Genius Of Salt and Straw's Bay Area Flavored Ice Cream

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Check Out the Hottest Moments From the Maxim Hot 100 Experience

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'Deadwood' Star Says That a Movie Version Is Happening This Fall

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McDonald's Stock May Fall 9% After Earnings

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Pinterest Makes $1B From Ads, Plans IPO for 2019

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Do trade wars hurt business? Ask Qualcomm

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The media's fascination with Breitbart has faded -- and that could spell trouble for the site

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Tesla’s stock volatility is bewildering, says Morgan Stanley

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These 7 luxury stocks are safe from any trade war

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USD/JPY bears taking control as Tokyo gets going, prices suppressed by 21-hr SMA

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GBP/JPY recovers 146.00 in a flash of risk-on markets

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Almost a lot of works are written in the world, which is replenished almost every day with new detectives, novels, fantastic stories and books of many other genres. To follow all this is beyond the power of the majority of Internet users: it takes time. Our administrators have made sure that all new items can always be found and not scour for this on the World Wide Web. On this page you can find information about all the novelties of literature published in special recording studios. Not a single genre has been forgotten. The main attention is paid to books about the war. And this is quite understandable - fresh is the memory of the Great Patriotic War, and many of those who now live have participated in armed conflicts in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other hot spots. Fans of militants, admirers of poetry, fiction, classical Russian literature can also learn about all the novelties of 2018. The information about women's favorite topics is also mixed here - about novels and melodramas, both domestic authors and their foreign colleagues. A special place is occupied by children's literature - information about new audiobooks of fairy tales, poems, riddles for children always appears first of all. The category "Novelties" includes works that can supplement the audio library of a student, a student, representatives of different professions. Often, our administrators publish information about which books will be issued by popular publishers in 2019 and 2020 and then translated into audio format - this will help blog guests know in advance about the publication of the literature of the genre of interest.