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The present time is special. This is an age of speed and a huge flow of information, which is constantly increasing. This number includes literary works: almost every day new books of both already known and young authors are published. Do not get lost in this thread and everything can be done only with the help of specialists. And such specialists are our administrators: they monitor the release of new books, they know what new releases are planned for the nearest period and which of them will be translated into audio format: this usually happens when books that attract great interest of visitors appear.


Our site is an entertainment portal for people. Listen to new audio and audiobooks and read news by category - Smart Books.

All new audiobooks are placed on our portal so that anyone who visits the site in search of new audio files for listening could find something that really interests him. Therefore, to accommodate all audiobooks, the corresponding sections were created: historical books, fantasy, novels, etc. There is also a scientific and educational literature on the portal. To place each edition in the most suitable for this section, all files are divided according to some criteria: by material structure, structure, type of information, nature and purpose, style of presentation and other parameters. There are several varieties of scientific and educational literature: scientific publications, documentary, cognitive and others. There is also a section for children's literature, in which audio versions of the works of the authors who have long become classics are already posted. On these tales, stories, poems grew more than one generation and today it is very often possible to hear a grandmother telling her granddaughter those tales that her grandmother once read to her. New children's works complement the already available audio library, so that the older generation can listen to new tales of young authors already with their grandchildren and then negotiate them - this will best help to bring the older and younger generation together. There are sections on our website for other literary genres: fantasy, mysticism, etc. It remains only to select an interesting audiobook and download it to your PC or gadget that supports the proposed format and has a playback function. To do this is not at all difficult: you just need to go to the right menu and do everything that is offered in the tooltips.