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Many people like to read books, but, unfortunately, you can not always immerse yourself in an amazing book world: almost all the time you have to spend not in a cozy apartment, but at work and on the road. To solve this problem, one of the modern inventions, an audiobook, is directed. This is the source of information that can be listened to. In the library of our portal there is a huge collection of audiobooks written by foreign and domestic authors. There are also materials with which you can learn foreign languages, history, philosophy, jurisprudence, gain knowledge in many other areas. We offer for this download audiobooks for free in good quality on any topic.

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“If the book exalts the soul, instilling in it courage and noble impulses, judge it only by these feelings; it is excellent and created by the hand of the master.”

(c) Jean de Labruier

writer, moralist

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The most important plus of audiobooks is that you do not need to carry books for reading: they not only lose their appearance, but also lose what happens very often. In addition, you need good lighting and a quiet place to read. With audiobooks it's the other way round: you do not need light, you can listen to audiobooks whenever possible, and not even get distracted from business. For example, you can water the flowers, clean the house, weed the beds, collect berries, wash the car - perform any home, and not only, work and at the same time listen to your favorite author's story, articles on economics, English lessons, on which you will need to spend extra time. A lot of time today everyone has to spend on the road either in public transport or in a private car. Hammered roads, traffic jams during rush hour - all this is very annoying. If you use a player or car audio system, you can take off stress and at the same time profitably. Specialists say: to quickly learn any language, you need to immerse yourself in the language environment. But to watch films in a foreign language, it takes time, which is always missing. But if you download an audiobook and listen in good quality lessons, poems, songs, fairy tales, any other literature in the right language on the way to work and home - this will allow you to get used to someone else's speech, better to understand it and as a result to understand and learn faster. Thanks to free audiobooks, it is possible to pass various trainings and courses, remember the necessary information for recertification, examination, raise the level of education, develop intelligence or simply listen to your favorite audiobooks for stress relief.